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250sq. ft never felt so happy

Mental health is tricky. It's important. It should be priority.

I have many theories on the subject, but that can be another post.

I wanted to take this post on the journey of minimalism, my experience with less is more. cliché I know.

My fiancé and I lived in a 412sq. ft. apartment when we first moved in together and although it was in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods, we loved that apartment more than anything. It had the essentials, a place to sleep, a toilet, a stove, somehow even a washer and dryer. It even had a corner to squeeze a couch... "couch” which in reality was a squeaky 4-foot futon from Wal-Mart, but it made us happy, it served its purpose.

Our prized possession was our bean bag, a bean bag. That is what made us happy. My amazing fiancé always had a way of keeping us humble by always saying "that is a first world problem" and truly, it did the trick. We quickly realized we needed nothing more than the essentials to be completely at bliss in our home, and a home is what you decide to build within a four wall space. Even though we were complete with what was inside, the outside was dangerous and we needed to leave. We treated ourselves to an apartment double the size in a great neighborhood. More room = buying more stuff to fill it. Next thing you know we are spending $1,000 on a couch that we couldn't even both lay on, but, esthetically, IT WAS PLEASING. who were we? we began to fill the walls, the mantle, the shelves, the space. The trips to Ikea and TJ-Maxx were routine, a must. We hated the apartment. The lease was almost up, we began looking for even BIGGER places. After endless searches I stopped and looked at my fiancé and asked, do we NEED more room, or do we even WANT more room, and bless this man because without his center I would be adrift, he put a stop to the search and we renewed the lease. Fast-forward to a few years he needed to move back to Australia after his visa was up and I got stuck in CT by myself. I won’t tell the whole story because that can be found in the Moving to Australia page. We had already sold pretty much all of our belongings, therefore I was left with just my clothes. I decided to think of what I ACTUALLY needed to be happy. And in my lonely despair, no pet, no fiancé, life changes, I just impulse rented a 250sq. ft. apartment 6 minutes from my new job. I went on the app Offer Up and bought: a coffee table $20, a chaise lounge $25, 2 side tables $1 each, mirror $60. And with $107 I furnished my apartment. I took my bed from my parents’ house and someone donated a bed frame. I hung up my tapestries, I lit my candles, put all my plants on the tables and with that, I built my sanctuary. My one big purchase was my floor pillow made in India that was a big splurge of $50. Under $200 I built my escape. anyone that set foot in my apartment was shocked I lived in a single room. And my bed was literally within arm’s reach of my dining bar. But I tell you each person that came into my "home" always said how relaxing and homey it felt. I had built a sanctuary and each morning I would wake up with the sun and my plants and I could swear to you on record, I have never been happier. I realized I needed close to nothing to be happy. This space was 1/18 of what I ever lived in and I am being honest here when I say, when I came home one day I LITERALLY HUGGED the walls. I loved my apartment, and moving out now is clenching my heart because I feel like I am leaving a chunk of my happiness in there. I couldn't have learned any more about Less is More even if I tried, and a home is truly what you make of it. The memories you build inside of it, and the energy you put into the air.

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